We take care of your wealth planning

We provide tax services and carry out individual tax planning for our customers.

Customers domiciled in Switzerland

For customers domiciled in Switzerland, we offer the following services:

  •      > Tax status analysis and proposals for tax optimization
  • > Identification of possible tax savings through pension planning
  • > Tax optimization for real estate projects
  • > Establishing the tax aspects of estate settlement
  • > Preparing Swiss tax returns
  • > Preparing tax statements
  • > Preparing refund applications for Swiss or foreign tax payments withheld at source
  • > Negotiation with tax authorities

Customers domiciled outside of Switzerland

We offer customers domiciled outside of Switzerland the following services:

> Annual statement of capital income and capital gains for your tax return, including an annual income summary with the necessary tax information.

> Preparing refund applications for foreign tax payments withheld at source.