We help you find
the best real estate opportunity

Real estate is an integral part of our investment strategy.

Once the budget has been set, we are able to offer our customers direct real estate investments or through investment funds.

Direct investment, buy-to-let property

We offer our customers the option to acquire one or more buy-to-let properties in order to supplement their investment strategy.

We assist our customers in choosing the buy-to-let property in order to ensure it is the right investment for them.

We evaluate properties of interest to our customers, simulate the return on investment and determine the costs involved.

We then assist our customers throughout the buying process and ensure the financing of the property concerned, up to a maximum of 80%.

Real estate development

We invest in real estate projects in Switzerland and abroad.

We evaluate the project concerned, estimate the return on investment and offer our customers an opportunity to invest.

Therefore, we develop genuine real estate investment partnerships.

Real estate brokerage

Our staff and partners assist our customers throughout the process of buying or selling a buy-to-let property.

As agents working under a mandate, we consult our customers and partners before carrying out any transaction and thus guarantee optimal discretion.

Our customers’ trust has enabled us to conclude real estate deals in Switzerland and abroad.

Through our credit department, we are also able to assist our customers in financing their buy-to-let property.


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